Publications by Radhika Subramanian

2024 Publications

Architecture and flexibility of native kinetochores revealed by structural studies utilizing a thermophilic yeast

View ORCID Profile Daniel J. Barrero, Sithara S. Wijeratne, Xiaowei Zhao, Grace F. Cunningham, Rui Yan, Christian R. Nelson, Yasuhiro Arimura, Hironori Funabiki, Charles L. Asbury, Zhiheng Yu, Radhika Subramanian, View ORCID Profile Sue Biggins

2023 Publications

Torques within and outside the human spindle balance twist at anaphase

Lila Neahring, Yifei He, Nathan H. Cho, Gaoxiang Liu, Jonathan Fernandes, Caleb J. Rux, Konstantinos Nakos, Radhika Subramanian, Srigokul Upadhyayula, Ahmet Yildiz, Sophie Dumont
bioRxiv 2023.12.10.570990; doi:

Modularity of PRC1 Composition and Chromatin Interaction define Condensate Properties

Stefan Niekamp, Sharon K. Marr, Theresa A. Oei, Radhika Subramanian*, Robert E. Kingston*
bioRxiv 2023.10.26.564217; doi:

Spatially controlled microtubule nucleation and organization from crosslinker MAP65 condensates

Sahu S, Chauhan P, Lumen E, Moody K, Peddireddy K, Mani N, Subramanian R, Robertson-Anderson R, Wolfe AJ, Ross JL. doi:


A Ciliary SMOOTHENED-GRK2-PKA Signaling Pathway Initiates Hedgehog Signal Transduction

Madison F Walker, Jingyi Zhang, William Steiner, Pei-I Ku, Ju-Fen Zhu, Zachary Michaelson, Yu-Chen Yen, Alyssa B. Long, Mattie J. Casey, Abhishek Poddar, Isaac B. Nelson, Corvin D. Arveseth, Falko Nagel, Ryan Clough, Sarah LaPotin, Kristen M. Kwan, Stefan Schulz, Rodney A. Stewart, John J. G. Tesmer, Tamara Caspary, Radhika Subramanian*, Xuecai Ge*, Benjamin R. Myers*.
View ORCID Profile
doi: *co-corresponding authors

2022 Publications

Motor guidance by long-range communication through the microtubule highway

Wijeratne SS, Fiorenza SA, Subramanian R*, Betterton MD*. (2022) *co-corresponding/co-senior author. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2022 July 7;119 (28) e2120193119.


Cytoskeletal regulation of a transcription factor by DNA mimicry via coiled-coil interactions

Haque F, Freniere C, Ye Q, Mani N, Wilson-Kubalek LM, Ku Pi-I, Milligan RA, Subramanian, R. (2022) Nature Cell Biology.
(News and Views: Kumar, D., Reiter, J.F. A kinesin mimics DNA. Nat Cell Biol (2022)

Atomic Force Microscopy reveals distinct protofilament-scale structural dynamics in depolymerizing microtubule arrays

Wijeratne SS, Marchan MF, Tresback JS, Subramanian R. (2022) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2022 Feb 1;119(5):e2115708119.

Engineering stability, longevity, and miscibility of microtubule-based active fluids

Chandrakar P, Berezney J, Lemma B, Hishamunda B, Berry A, Wu K-T, Subramanian R, Chung J, Needleman DJ, Gelles J, Dogic, Z. (2022) Soft Matter. doi: 10.1039/D1SM01289D.

2021 Publications

Cytoskeletal regulation of a transcription factor by DNA mimicry

Farah Haque, Christian Freniere, Qiong Ye, Nandini Mani, Elizabeth M. Wilson-Kubalek, Pei-I Ku, Ronald A. Milligan, Radhika Subramanian. bioRxiv, 2021 October 01.

The tail wags the tubulin

Mani N and Subramanian R (2021). Developmental Cell, Volume 56, Issue 14, 26 July 2021, pages 2007-2009. (preview)

Micron-scale geometrical features of microtubules as regulators of microtubule organization

Mani N, Wijeratne S and Subramanian R (2021). eLife, Jun 11; 10:e63880.
doi: 10.7554/eLife.63880.

2020 Publications

Motor guidance by long-range communication through the microtubule highway

Sithara S. Wijeratne, Shane A. Fiorenza, Radhika Subramanian, Meredith D. Betterton
bioRxiv, 2020 December 23

Distinct Protofilament-scale Dynamics Define the Differential Remodeling of Microtubule Arrays

S. S. Wijeratne, M. Marchan, J. S. Tresback, R. Subramanian
bioRxiv, 2020 December 22

2019 Publications


Mitotic spindle: From living and synthetic systems to theory

Simunic J, Subramanian R. 
Journal of Cell Science. 2019 Sep 2;132(17). Meeting report. (link:

Interplay between the Kinesin and Tubulin Mechanochemical Cycles Underlies Microtubule Tip Tracking by the Non-motile Ciliary

Jiang S, Mani N, Wilson-Kubalek EM, Ku PI, Milligan RA, Subramanian R. 
Kinesin Kif7. Dev. Cell 2019 Jun 03; 49(5):711-730.e8

2018 Publications

Composition, Structure, and Function of the Eukaryotic Flagellum Distal Tip

Croft J, Zabeo D, Subramanian R and Hoog J.
2018 Essays in Biochemistry. 2018 Nov 20 pii: EBC20180032

Microtubule-based active fluids with improved lifetime, temporal stability and miscibility with passive soft materials

Chandrakar P, Berezney J, Lemma B, Hishamunda B, Berry A, Wu K, Subramanian R, Chung J, Needleman D, Gelles J and Dogic Z.
arXiv:1811.05026v1 [cond-mat.soft]
2018 November 12

2015 Publications

Niche-Based Screening in Multiple Myeloma Identifies a Kinesin-5 Inhibitor with Improved Selectivity over Hematopoietic Progenitors

Chattopadhyay S, Stewart AL, Mukherjee S, Huang C, Hartwell KA, Miller PG, Subramanian R, Carmody LC, Yusuf RZ, Sykes DB, Paulk J, Vetere A, Vallet S, Santo L, Cirstea DD, Hideshima T, Majireck MM, Hussain MM, Singh S, Quiroz R, Iaconelli J, Karmacharya R, Tolliday NJ, Clemons PA, Moore MAS, Stern AM, Shamji AF, Ebert BL, Golub TR, Raje NS, Scadden DT, Schreiber SL.
Cell Rep 2015 Feb 10; 10(5):755-770

2014 Publications

The kinesin-4 protein Kif7 regulates mammalian Hedgehog signalling by organizing the cilium tip compartment

He M, Subramanian R, Bangs F, Omelchenko T, Liem KF, Kapoor TM, Anderson KV.
Nat. Cell Biol. 2014 Jul; 16(7):663-72

2013 Publications

Slipping past the spindle assembly checkpoint

Subramanian R, Kapoor TM.
Nat. Cell Biol. 2013 Nov; 15(11):1261-3

Marking and measuring single microtubules by PRC1 and kinesin-4

Subramanian R, Ti SC, Tan L, Darst SA, Kapoor TM.
Cell 2013 Jul 18; 154(2):377-90

2012 Publications

Building complexity: insights into self-organized assembly of microtubule-based architectures

Subramanian R, Kapoor TM.
Dev. Cell 2012 Nov 13; 23(5):874-85

2010 Publications

Insights into antiparallel microtubule crosslinking by PRC1, a conserved nonmotor microtubule binding protein

Subramanian R, Wilson-Kubalek EM, Arthur CP, Bick MJ, Campbell EA, Darst SA, Milligan RA, Kapoor TM.
Cell 2010 Aug 6; 142(3):433-43

2009 Publications

Meiotic spindle self-organization: one plus one equals only one

Subramanian R, Kapoor T.
Curr. Biol. 2009 Apr 14; 19(7):R290-2

2007 Publications

Two distinct modes of processive kinesin movement in mixtures of ATP and AMP-PNP

Subramanian R, Gelles J.
J. Gen. Physiol. 2007 Nov; 130(5):445-55